Loan Purpose

  • Purchase (Including Delayed Purchase Within 180 days without Financing)

  • Rate/Term Refinance

  • Cash-Out Refinance

Loan Product

  • 6-24 Months, Interest Only​​

Max Loan to Value  ("LTV")

  • Up to 75%

Minimum Property Value

  • $100,000

Minimum Loan Amounts

  • $75,000

Eligible Property Types

  • Single Family Residence (SFR)

  • 2 to 4 Family

  • 5 to 8 Units

  • Warrantable Condominiums (FNMA Guidelines)

  • Townhomes

Mixed Use is allowed where 50% or more of the total property square footage is residential.​

Maximum Loan Amounts

  • $2,000,000* for Single Family

  • $3,000,000* for 2-4 Family

  • $3,000,000* for 5-8 Units

*Larger loan balances are only permitted on an exception basis that requires Invigorate Scenario Desk Review.

Property Locations

  • Major MSA’s and secondary markets

  • No Rural Properties (as designated on appraisal)

(Product not available in Alaska, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Nevada, Delaware, Utah, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands)

Borrower Experience

  • Options for New Investors (Zero Experience)

  • Limited, Experienced and Institutional


  • Recourse and Non-recourse Options Available

Minimum Credit Score

  • 640


Product Offerings

Residential Products

Business Purpose Products